Team Fortress 2

I had a very strange sleep last night. I dreamed that Valve finally released Team Fortress 2, only they made it look like a crazy Pixar comic, it was cheap and all the classes talked when you played. And I was naked.

But here we are. That’s the problem with dream work: you have to do it during sleep. I just go through this ridiculous “Team Fortress 2” fantasy until I finally wake up and find myself an accountant.

Let’s not linger too much on Quake and Half-Life’s original courage – it was a decade ago, not everyone played it, and TF2 is clearly aimed at both new and old players. It’s worth noting quickly that it has the same nine classes, but fewer weapons for each, the grenades have been completely removed (thank God) and yes … check it out. See what they did with it.


The changes may sound like simplification, but like Art Style, it’s more of an exaggeration. The spy had a double rifle for goodness sake. Disabling such a thing did not make the game easier, but chose to become a spy. Each class is so focused that TF2 feels like nine different games fighting each other. This is confusing at first, but it is a pleasure to see the signs that make this beauty ruin each other while learning.

This Pixar comparison is not fair. Rf2 and avid killers look better. Valve has built a class-based multiplayer FPS based on the work of illustrator JC Leyendecker. Google Image it and you will see similarities between angular, distinctive silhouettes. You’re outside the world from the distant pockets that were The Incredibles, and it turns out that class-based multiplayer battle got that distinctiveness for a long time.

Sounds small when you can see in which class someone is as confident and ready as you can see. A sense of immediate force and heavy force, and not an abstract idea of ​​his point of impact. But one of these ways has a reinforcing effect on your immediate experience: you feel, see, and understand the game world at Technicolor. It makes all things clear right away and the purpose of your actions is clear. In short, everything you do cools 300%.

This is Team Fortress 2:

Multiplayer enlarged. Cooperation means more, profit is sweeter, betrayal is more bitter, and loss is humiliating. But the most important thing is the essence of multiplayer, in other words, in the language of our time, Lols.

The image of a scout circle hitting Heavy fast enough for him to launch him with a small baseball bat is obviously funny. But it only becomes a breath when the scout is clumsy in knee-length socks and his victim is a pile of stones belonging to a man with a flesh-head. The character is a catalyst for comedy, and so far, multiplayer just hasn’t had it. They were fun, but TF2 brings it out beautifully at every turn.


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