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Are you tired playing those same old fighting games or boring card, repetitive racing? What do you think? Do want to play an online game that is exciting, overwhelming, more fun, or one that keeps your interest at the peak? If the answers to these simple mindset questions are yes, and you want something new, then let me be the first one to bring good news to you: consider playing RTS (or Real time strategy) games, they are just right for you!

Nowadays, online games are becoming more and more popular among many people. Inherently, nice-looking graphics and 3D animations are some of the charming features in online games that have caught the attention of most punters. Besides that, the use of intellect and logic on playing games of strategy has caught the eyes of many people. Indeed, online gamers find RPS games exciting because they present smart challenges from different people from around the globe. The primary goal of the above games is to win the battle by outsmarting your enemies or opponents. Winning in a strategy game is not attained by pure luck or chance, but it all depends on player’s plans, tactics, and how solutions for certain unexpected situations are calculated.


starcraft 2 protoss vs zerg


Typically, RTS games can be played versus computer character, or a friend, or even against other players connected online, which you can play solo or choose to have a team. Regardless of the preferred mode, Strategy games involve critical thinking and careful planning. It is one those games that test your intellect, strategy-building skills, and fast decision-making skills. Besides that, if you choose to work with a team, online RTS games will test your leadership skills as well as social interaction skills.

There are hundreds of thousands of RTS games currently available online. Whether you are new or professional on these games, I have compiled several RTS review games on this website. All you need to do is to stay glued to the review pages I am going to unveil, and there is no doubt that your online game-playing experience will not be the same again. Enjoy and have fun!


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