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Total War: Warhammer Review


Dwarfs form formidable barrier walls of the Everpeak, ready with their weapons to fight anyone daring to enter their territory. Rhythmic boot steps, soft crunch of fresh snow, and screeching gears are some of the words that bring the picture entrenching war-field. The Dwarfs never joke with anyone, they fire bolt and lead at the arriving Orcs. As soon as gigantic Orcs arrived, real war began.

The giant crashes into gates/territories, stumble back, and crashes into the Dwarfs again. It bursts through to be faced head-on by massed units of fearless Dwarf veterans, who is seen mobbing the Giants like a dog harassing an elephant. By now, I believe you have gotten the real picture of how violent and fearless the above game resembles. The story above was the Warhammer gameplay, and this was Total War!

When it comes to real-time strategy (RTS) games, the Total War series consistently stand tall above the rest as one of the most practical, chilling, and valuable franchises in the genre. The above game has a heavy focus on the windward side of historical events, advancing with incredible features with a keen eye for accuracy.


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Total War: Warhammer Features

The Total War: Warhammer has found love from history enthusiasts willing to participate in some of the most interesting conflicts in history. Starting from the era of Napoleon Bonaparte to a focus on the Roman Empire, the Creative Assembly franchise has discovered a solid niche in the above RTS game and stuck to it to the latter.

Up to now, the Total War series has perfectly balanced historical realism with strategic play. Indeed, during the campaigns (which can be played as a solo or with other team members), you will refine your research technology, statecraft, and manage your economy to ensure your armies are well-supplied. All these actions take place on a continent scaling political map featuring important landmarks, borders, and troop detachments.

In case two opposing parties meet, the gameplay will pull in to show the skirmish. This is the instant where a player is required to micromanage movement and apply high-skill battle tactics to defeat the enemy. As a matter of fact, your political positions and decision making throughout the game would have a significant impact on supplies and the sorts of troops you have for any given battle.




Nevertheless, Warhammer is all about tactics, and for over forty years, it has been one of the most modern fantasy across the world of online RTS games. In fact, there is no other game in its category applauded for vibrant tournament scenes and rich lore for its tabletop miniature game. However, some online gamers have raised some concerns about how Creative Assembly’s attentiveness to historical details would work with demons, magic, and vampires. Nevertheless, the result is a sight to behold.

While troop formations and movements have always been a crucial part of the Total War: Warhammer, you will be playing with other human beings as your pawns. With the addition of irresponsibly large Dwarfs, cannons, gyrocopters, powerful spells, and apparitions, the amount of time you require to spend learning to play the game is somewhat staggering. However, it is worth it.