XCOM 2 is the best real-time strategy game ever

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XCOM 2 Game Review


XCOM 2 is the best real-time strategy game ever. If love RTSs, then it is your time to enjoy brilliant concepts coupled with smart design choices resulting in a hugely rewarding strategy game that delivers over and beyond your expectation. The entire truth about the game is here, learn, enjoy, and have fun!

If you love online RTS games, have you had a chance to play some previous XCOM series, it is more probable that you would comment that it is a challenging game. There is no doubt that you lost in first round; hence, you failed to save humanity. Yes, I conquer with you to some extent, but the sequel’s concept is quite brilliant, simple, and enjoyable.

More than twenty years down the line have passed since the original XCOM’s game events were unleashed, with the world now being ruled by a human-alien dictatorship popularly known as Advent. It is an organized and clean dystopia, with human beings seen matched through weapon-scanners and dispatched for any infractions, perceived or real, by troopers belonging to Advent. This staple enemy type, although he is seen to have some sense of humanity, is an unholy genetic hybrid.


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XCOM 2 Features


The new XCOM 2 is composed of a ragtag rebel group, who have been abandoned by many of its old allies (perhaps, they have signed up a cooperation deal with the foreign rulers) and it seems players in this new game lack formal leadership. At nutshell, XCOM 2’s mix of base-building and turn-based strategy works perfectly.

XCOM 2 splits between missions on the base-ground, where you are assigned the role of controlling a group of at least six soldiers. As a commander, you are supposed to order your troops to fight aliens, steal technology, save civilians, and the XCOM base itself. When you enter the map room, you are going to experience a shimmering effect, where a 3-D globe moves towards the screen and suddenly, breaks apart into constituent particles. Indeed, this is a sight that most players find it beautiful and exciting.


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As stated earlier, XCOM 2 is all about controlling and managing your base. Indeed, the entire game is all about choosing effective strategies and setting priorities. As a leader, you will have several specific rooms, for weapon production, science research, and so on, but the catch is that you can only work on a single project at a time. In other words, setting priorities and making informed decisions is imperative, and comes to define your strategies/tactics in a wider sense.

The side of XCOM 2 is simple and straightforward, a case of making strategic choices and setting priorities rather than actually running a base. However, the impact of your decisions and scarcity of resources give it huge influence over the campaign. Personnel and supplies are precious. In general, if you mismanage base and resources in XCOM 2, it is more probable that you will go under by degrees and collapse.